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Esport Research Network

The ERN was founded on the 7th July 2019 at the ESL One Cologne Event by researchers from Tampere University, Jönköping University, and University of Siegen. 

This network was formed to foster future research collaborations. The goal is to connect researchers around the world and create a meeting point for researchers and practitioners. Thereby the Esports Research Network is open for anybody and is an interdisciplinary research group that examines the esports phenomenon.

Having a background in the esport world regarding design and graphical assets, I’ve joined the Network as a volunteer Design Manager and created both the logo, design rule-set as well as partook in the design and creation of the webpage.


Starting off, I’ve created a simple rule-set around typography, colors and logo usage. This guide helps to get a overall understanding how the logo should be used combined with what colors, as well as informs the members on what font to use with which sizes.

As time goes, this rule-set will be expanded with icongraphy, gradient variations and social media post templates, to allow the members to gain a increased understanding about the networks branding.


Currently, we prepare work around the upcoming conference Esport Research Network Conference 2022 where members and people around the word submit research regarding the theme sustainability.

For that, my part will be to manage the marketing and branding around the conference that will be a part of Dreamhack Winter 2022. Photoshoots, social media templates and communication around these topics will be my main responsibility.


More to come!

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