Justice Esports is the esports team created by students, for studens at the University of Jönköping back in 2015 (around the time I went there studying CS). The team has since then entered several tournaments in different games, whiles keeping up changing its members regularly, seeing that it was a University based team.

When being asked if I could help out adding some content for this webpage, I didn’t really think to much about it. “Upload some pics and copy text, call it a day”, so I opened it and checked it out.

The page it self hasn’t had a proper update since 2017 and had.. minor bot issues. So I took out the good ol’ broom-stick of cleaning and went on a cleaning spree. That being done, I noticed that the page itself wasn’t build for scalability or had any good way of changing content (broken and outdated plugins and so on..). Seeing that the webpage was strictly informal and had no real functions, I put on the proposal of a clean slate with a fresh start, which got accepted!

So, here we go! Took a backup of all content (text & images), wrote down all admins names and emails and then hit the big red delete button – Goodbye old Justice Esports page.

With focus on highlighting the people around Justice Esports, as well as their events, I went on and started my work on creating their new homepage; Justice Esports 2.0.

Neat dark blue colorscheme combined with their main blue color of the logo. Custom made photo banners of their events and some font choosing later.. and we got our self a brand new looking webpage!

And of course, we can’t forget about the past and upcoming achievements they get. So I also added some new pages surrounding the members and past achievements; as well as a highlighted page for all their partners.

All in all, it was a blast working on this page. Straight forward with a well blended dark blue color scheme.

The page will go live at the end of August at https://www.justice-esports.se/.

Until then, you may enjoy a nice animated flag background I created for them as a “under construction” page.

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