Hello world

Name is Benedikt, but most people call me Ben or crazy german guy. I’m born 1992 in Germany and moved to Stockholm in Sweden 2004 and afterwards to Jönköping 2015. 

My journey to work professionally with content production has started with Photoshop in highschool and one line of CSS code. Being the curious type, I always looked and tried out different ways to create digital content, which has given me the opportunity to produce digital content in most areas possible. 3D models and animations, 2D motion graphics, photography, video filming and editing – the all-in-on box for content creation.

Today I work as a Senior Content Marketing Producer where all the learned skillsets are coming into use. Need a 3D render with custom design? Banner for different social medias or a short motion animation? I got that covered and more.



When not holding myself busy with finding and learning new ways to create content, I do really enjoy reading books and just taking it easy. But from time to time, climbing or longboarding is on the list too with goal to try out bungee jumping and skydiving at least once – to be!