Work hard, play hard

From deputy teamleader to leading the design of a gamification project. My journey at Aditro logistics starts with the ceation of Clash of Logistics. Discover assets and designs I’ve created whilest working on the project!

A rough idea

I love the idea of gamification and am a strong believer that whenever you have repeating data, you can make it into something exciting, fun, competitive and challenging – so you can understand my excitement on leading the design of the project.

There was a rough idea on the direction but lacked visualization for both presenting and pushing the development forward. Starting of, concept art was needed and names created: Battlepick, PixleBlock, BlockPick and BoxBlock where one of them, but Clash of Logistics was the winning one and so I created the symbol for the project.



Digital representation was one of many goals that was asked for, so an avatar design had to be created to represent the employees.

I went for a simple shaped style with little detail in order to both make the process of creating different styles easier, but also to give it a cute touch – Chibi characters where a inspiration here.

To bring some personality to them, different faces, clothes and assets where created which gave the employees the option to customize their avatars which all given assets, hairstyles and more.

Check out the gallery below for some examples of the designs I created and worked on – Avatars, assets, backgrounds and whole screen views. 


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