Introducing 3D to a logistics company

It all started with a couple of free-to-use CC0 3D models as graphical assets with zero knowledge of 3D and ended up with creating my own models and animations.

Next dimension unlocked

When I started at the company, my knowledge of 3D was minimal at best. Graphic design is always evolving and when 3D was trending again, I knew I had to jump on that ship somehow, introduce it to the company and learn how I could implement it.

Starting off with CC0 models, I got going with learning to build simple scenes and use the renders as graphical support assets. Fast forward 1118 hours on blender 3D (according to steam as of writing, not including hours spent on separate install), I can conformality say that I’ve unlocked the next dimension.

From CC0 models and scene building to creating my own models, textures and animations. Check some of my works out below!


3D Animations

Render Gallery

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