Things never stand still and something is always ongoing. Work, side projects
or my personal collection of piled up unfinished projects.
Check out ongoing things I’m doing and or working with right now!


Aditro Logistics AB

Senior Content Marketing Producer, is my current and longest title I've ever gotten, but what does it actually mean? Check out some of my creations and work done for Aditro Logistics and find out more about it.


Esports Research Network

ERN is network of researchers who take a closer look into the world of esports and collaborate to bring forth new thoughts and studies related to esports. And I make things look a bit more pretty for them!

Project 2023

Project Invite only

Content creation, the social artform of doing what you enjoy and letting that create new paths in life.. But can that take me to Dreamhack? This project is a journey to see become invited to Dreamhack as a content creator; tag along and find out more!